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Where the New Justice League is Rising

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Stories of the Justice League in "SmallVille"
Welcome to smallearth !


♥ This is a community dedicated to the Justice League from the television show Smallville.

♥ On-topic for this community is any gen (friendship rules !) / het / slash fanfiction or fanwork (icons or photomontages) featuring the Justice League or what it may become if SmallVille had bats and twenty seasons.

♥ Why SmallEarth ? Never heard about 52 earths in DC Comics ? So many possibilities with Superman and Batman... And SmallVille could be the 53th Earth where we had a lot to imagine. What about Batman ? And his Robin team ? What about the future of the Justice League created by Green Arrow ?
Just imagine !

CLOAK FORBIDDEN ! It's SmallVille, don't forget =D We want super heroes but in a SmallVille-way ^^

♥ French and english fanfics are welcome !


Rules of Justice Club

♥ Rule number one of Figh Justice Club : always label your fiction as such in the subject line of your post ;

♥ Rule number two : user the minimum requirements for a story header
Title : Clark Kent and the Deathly Hallow
Pairings / Characters : please, point out the pairing and the most important characters in your fiction. For example "Bollie, Jason Todd".
Yeah, it's here you used these little stupid and funny codenames for the pairings, as Bollie (Bart/Oliver), Clollie (Clark/Oliver), Clex (Clark/Lex), Chlart (Chloe/Bart), Clois (Clark/Loïs) and so on...
Rating :
* G (general audience)
* PG (parental guidance suggested)
* PG-13 (parents strongly cautioned)
* R (restricted)
* NC-17 (No One 17 and Under Admitted)
Words :
Warning : Example again ? "English is not my native language, so don't kill me, please !"
Previous Chapters : direct links to previous chapters
Summary :

♥ Rule number three : always use the FANFIC tag and the "pairing's codename" tag ^^

♥ Rule number four : always use a LJ-cut.

♥ Rule number five : you do not talk You talk a lot about Justice Club with your LJ-Friends !


Challenge - Rules

Want to share ideas about prompts ? Do it here !

Prompt 1 # Oliver Queen "What I do Best"
Prompt 2 # Bart Allen 'Code name Impulse'
Prompt 3 # Victor Stone 'Breakdown'
Prompt 4 # Arthur Curry "A.C." 'Fish Joke'


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The header image made by Daniel Perez, found on the Web.

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